Our Story


Young Start

Our Founder Nathan Scott began session music work at the age of 14. This ranged from providing studio and live sessions on Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, and Vocals. He quickly developed a taste for recording and learn how to produce music as well as play it. The Revive brand was born out of this work, as Nathan found his passion in the industry.


Passion Projects

Revive began by taking Singer/songwriters and producing "full band" Music. Through the early work for so called 'big names' in music we discovered just how costly and difficult high quality production can be. Revive provides that service for small independent artists giving them the music they have dreamed of producing but didn't have the resources to create.



Music production work quickly expanded into videos to go alongside the artist's music. Revive began diversifying beyond music production into the world of video production with an ever growing contact list of super talented passionate creators. This led full circle back into live work, through conferences and events. Revive's Heart stays the same no matter what the work. The best quality becoming accessible and available for those who need it.